• Susanna Williams

We Are Hireable

Hiring is broken. The advent of keywords and online applications have introduced an onslaught of one-click applications without improving the quality of job candidates. Across the world, the need to attract and retain talent has become the most pressing concern for business leaders as repetitive tasks are automated and artificial intelligence is swiftly moving into the workplace, leaving human skills more critical but also more vulnerable than ever. Employers, however, lack efficient ways to identify job candidate skills. Using degrees as proxies has ceased to be helpful. Employers need better tools.

Job searching is broken. The advent of online applications mean that missing keywords in your resume automatically gets you kicked out of the system filters and a hiring manager will never see your CV. When people feel shut out from opportunities, they begin to despair. And despair has a very real impact on stability, not just of individual lives, but of societies at large. Job seekers need better tools.

Education and training are broken. Curriculum and assessment move at an academic pace- measured, slow, reflective, careful, driven by process and personal interests rather than practical outcomes. Learning, however, doesn't just happen within institutional walls. Knowledge isn't solely transmitted through sages. Degrees, predicated on industrial-age time units rather than evidence of learning, are crude technology in an age where much more nuance is not just possible but required. Learners and educators need better tools.

At Hireable, we believe that in order to keep up with the pace of change, we can't rely on backward views. In order for people to do jobs that have never existed before, we need to take existing skills and apply them in new ways. In order for organizations to thrive, we need to think about jobs and work differently. 94% of the jobs created between 2005 and 2015 were "flexible"- gig, temporary contract, part-time. Standard job descriptions no longer fit non-standard jobs. Work is no longer defined by discrete units of time, but rather by discrete tasks. And performing those tasks to the best of one's abilities requires getting a better picture of what job candidate's capabilities truly are.

We specialize in connecting employers and training providers with customized technology and implementation supports to help you easily train and identify prospective talent. Because unless you know someone's potential, you will miss out on the talent that will help you thrive. And people will miss out on the opportunity to make their fullest contribution possible to the world.

We are Hireable. We look forward to working with you.

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