• Susanna Williams

Good Help Is Hard To Find

Updated: Dec 20, 2019

I got my teeth cleaned today. Amid the chit chat, my dentist asked me what I do. So, naturally, the conversation turned to hiring. My dentist is having trouble hiring a receptionist with good people skills. "My biggest problem? People don't show up for the interview," he said.

I hear this constantly from employers. And, once again, I am reminded that hiring is an awful lot like dating

Both employers & single people utilize tools with low commitment gateways- Craigslist & Indeed are the OK Cupid & Tinder of work. There is minimal cost on both ends-

For bigger jobs, employers pay big money & turn to headhunters & recruiters. For more serious relationships, single people pay big money & turn to matchmakers & paid dating sites.

But here's the thing: all jobs & people deserve respect & dignity. We should not place a higher value on a position or a relationship because of perceived market value.

The culture of selfishness that exists for non-prestige transactions, whether employment or sex, is part of what's making people grumpy these days. Ghosting undermines trust across the board.

My dentist is a good employer. The office is nice. It's in a good neighborhood. The client base isn't awful. Will being a receptionist make you rich? No. But it's a job with dignity.

As I am mentally psyching myself to re-enter the online dating world again in July (I need good pictures first), I am committing to treating people with the respect they inherently deserve... and to not tolerating anyone who does not give me the same in turn.

So here is my request: whether you are looking for a job or for love, be clear about what you want, respect the other participants in the space, and communicate clearly. Take a chance on something that might not fit your ideal. And seek to spend time with people, both in work and outside of work, who enhance your sense of dignity and self-worth.

I connected my dentist with Grace Institute, which specializes in training for customer service skills (although I have heard that their students don’t show up for interviews, either). Can anyone out there return the karma favor & introduce me to a kind, funny, smart, single, straight man in NYC?

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